How to grow Coleus from seeds

Coleus plants have some of the most amazing leaves.I am always in awe of their beauty and they come in a large variety of colors.

Growing Coleus from seeds is fun and you will be soon rewarded with an amazing looking plant. 

You will need a container with damp potting soil. Sprinkle the seeds evenly over the surface. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of potting soil.

Cover the container with plastic and place in a warm spot in bright, indirect light. You should see seedlings in about two weeks.

When you see the coleus seedlings, remove the plastic. Keep the soil moist as the seedlings grow. You will find it is less damaging to the coleus seedlings to water from below.

Once the seedlings are large enough to be handled (typically when they have two sets of true leaves), they can be transplanted to individual containers.

Colors will be most vivid in full sun. It can thrive both in a container indoors as well as in the garden, however it will not survive a harsh winter. 

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