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The Difference Between Succulents and Cacti

  Did you know that cacti are actually a type of succulent? So you can call a cactus a succulent but you can't call all succulents cacti. Confusing? Let's clear that up.   Succulents are plants that store water in their stems, roots, and leaves. There are about 60 different plant families within the group of succulents, including aloe, haworthia, sedum, sempervivum, and of course, cacti. Cacti are fleshy plants that store water, making them part of this group. Therefore, all cacti are succulents. Cacti are simply a family, or sub-category within the group of plants collectively known as succulents. They range from tall and thin to short and round, and they usually do not have leaves or branches. In order...

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How to grow Lithops Succulents from seeds

  Growing Lithops Succulents from seeds can be a very rewarding experience. These living stone succulents will give you a beautiful, daisy like flower and will put a smile on your face always.  You will need a fast draining soil. You can use special cactus soil, or make your own by mixing equal parts potting mix and perlite. I have also had success growing them in plain sand. (You can find sand at most hardware stores).  Moisten the soil and make sure your planter has enough drainage holes.  The seeds are very tiny, like most succulent seeds. Sprinkle them over the soil and cover them with a small layer (1/8 of an inch) of fine sand. Do not cover with...

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How to Grow Succulents from Seeds

 Succulents are great plants to grow that require very little care : sun, good drainage and very little water. They can be used to create beautiful arrangements that will live forever.  Growing succulents from seeds is so much fun and easy when you follow these simple rules. You will need to get some shallow sprouting trays with a lot of holes in them; this allows for water to drain quickly from the planting medium when your seedlings are very young and fragile.  You can use special cactus and succulent soil or you can simply use sand. If you do use sand make sure it is pesticide free.  Before you sow your seeds, make sure your sand or soil is...

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